Online HTML Viewer

A web-based HTML viewer that allows users to enter and view HTML code in real time. Perfect for testing and debugging HTML code, or for learning how different HTML elements and attributes are displayed in the browser.

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Online HTML Viewer


HTML Viewer online is easy to use tool to view and format HTML data. Copy, Paste, and HTML View. An HTML Viewer is a browser-based application that displays the HTML code of a web page to facilitate debugging or editing. It can also be used to check the layout of HTML pages before they are published on the internet.

HTML Viewer helps to Format an HTML string/file with the best possible output.

What can you do with HTML Viewer?

  • This HTML viewer online helps to test and preview your HTML.
  • Users can also beautify HTML Files by uploading the file.
  • It helps to save and share HTML content.
  • This HTML Parser online helps to show the HTML output and indent HTML code.
  • HTML Viewer Online works well on Windows, MAC, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari.

How to view HTML Code online?

  1. Open the HTML Viewer tool and Copy and Paste HTML Code into Input Text Editor, highlighting HTML syntax and issues.
  2. If you have an HTML file, you can upload the file using the Upload file button. You can also upload HTML code with a public URL. Click on the URL Button and Paste the URL.
  3. Click on the Run / View button once HTML data is available in Editor via Paste, File, or URL.
  4. The user will see the HTML preview in the Output Editor.

How does HTML Viewer work?

HTML Viewer online uses JavaScript code to parse HTML and preview HTML data.

Just Paste your HTML code and click Run / View. This tool does not send code to the server for preview.

In the case of file upload, Browser reads the file, and for URL upload, it sends the URL to the server, returns HTML data, and then views it in the Output section.